About Kay Lenz

  Rev. Kay Lenz was born again at the age of 7 and supernaturally called to ministry at the age of 9. At the age of 10 Kay led her parents to the Lord. In 1988 she rededicated her life to Jesus, as a sold-out, spirit filled Christian and immediately sought to fulfill the call of God on her life. 

  From 1988 to 1990 Kay was a member of T.L. Osborn’s church and attended his Bible school, Life Discovery Bible Institute. Kay has been an ordained minister since 1990. Kay is the founder of River of Life Ministries, International.


   Kay has 4 grown children, Cassandra, Joseph, Bill and Audra.

   Kay’s son, Bill Lenz, works with her in missions. He also was born again at the age of 7. He is fluent in the Spanish language and works as her translator. He has also translated for groups visiting Panama. He has earned an associate’s degree in computer networking and will continue his education online towards a degree in Divinity, with an emphasis on Messianic Jewish Studies at King’s University.

   Kay and Bill have been members of House of David, Fairland, Oklahoma since 2012.

   In 1994, Kay began making trips to the nation of Panama, where she discovered the Kuna Indians and knew that she was called to work with them. After several more trips, in 1997 Kay and her two youngest children, Bill and Audra, moved to Panama to live on a primitive island with the Kuna Indians. They lived in a hut without running water or electricity, with only hammocks for furniture. They made trips to other islands, showing the “Jesus” film in the Kuna language. After two years they felt led that they were to leave their beloved people. By their leaving, the young man they had encouraged to take over as pastor did so. He later started 6 more churches. They deeply loved the Kuna people, and still do. They continue to have contact with them to encourage them.

   They moved into the mainland to La Chorrera, a city just the other side of the Panama Canal. They got to know many pastors there and in Panama City. They even preached in the largest Foursquare church in the country where their sermon was broadcast on radio. They attended a Church of God church in La Chorrera. At one point God led Kay to go to her backyard under the huge mango tree and seek Him. She was there for 3 days and God spoke to her to start a mission’s training center. They had been there almost 4 years and no one had asked for one. Kay told God that she had no manuals or prospective students. He said, “Don’t worry about it.” She went back to the house and began to write. Within 6 weeks God had given her a 100 page manual, and 10 students she didn’t even look for. They graduated and Kay held another session of classes with even more students.

    In mid-2004 the Lenz family moved to Guatemala. There Kay taught the mission’s training school to 45 mission’s directors for the Church of God. At the end of 2005, God led them to come home. Kay has since written a second manual, and working on a third. She has made several trips back to Panama over the years since then. In June, 2015, Kay and Bill made a trip back there for two weeks. They shared a little about our Jewish roots, and the pastor and his two top leaders asked them to move back there and teach them. When they attended his church when they lived there, he had about 40 people. When Kay took a trip back there in 2012, she discovered that due to the teaching his people received in her school, that her students had been evangelizing the area. His church had grown from 40 people to 250, not counting the children, and they are still growing. When Kay was there in 2015, this pastor also had several satellite churches started. So he knows the value of his people being trained. The doors are wide open for the people of Panama to be trained in the River of Life mission’s training center.