About Our Ministry

   We would like to introduce you to River of Life Ministries, International. Rev. Kay Lenz has been ministering in Panama and Guatemala from 1997 to 2005.

   River of Life Ministries, International is about ministering to the nations. Our goal is to train the local people to reach their own. A missionary can win souls. However, when you train others, you multiply yourself. In 1989, God spoke to Kay Lenz, “multiplication.” She didn’t know what that meant. When God spoke it the third time, she asked what He meant. God said, “multiply yourself.” That is what River of Life Ministries, Intl. is all about.

Kay began making trips to Panama in 1994. She took her children in 1995 to an island and in 1997 came to live with the Kuna Indians for 2 years. She raised up a church and after 2 years she turned it over to a young man she had trained up. He went on to establish 4 more churches on other islands and 2 in the jungle. He is still pastoring and he has asked us to come regularly and train him and his people.


  In 1999 we came into the mainland and began a mission’s training center to train missionaries. The first session of the mission’s training center in 2002, Kay had 10 students. The class was every Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm, for four months. Two months into it, 3 brothers who came to the class had to miss one class because they took their first mission’s trip. Two ladies who came to the class, two months into it went out and started their own church in the mountains. By the end of the class, they had a church of 40 people.


   Three brothers who came to the first session of classes formed a family ministry and since 2002 have been evangelizing the villages of western Panama. Kay donated a generator to them so they could show the Jesus film and briefly preach afterwards. They eventually graduated to preaching crusades. They come from a family of 12, with lots of nieces and nephew and they have trained many of them to help. They go into hard to reach villages where most people would not go.


      After a season in the States, Kay and her son Bill felt God’s calling to leave all and go back to Panama.  We have moved back to Panama and are currently ministering to the Kuna Indians where we used to live. We just returned from a trip to that island, and we will be taking week long trips every other month. We will be encouraging the native pastor we turned it over to and ministering to his people. He also takes us to other island villages to minister there.